Aluminum Sanitizing Stand – Affordable, Lightweight, Functional and Brandable.

Sanitizing is unfortunately here to stay for the next few years and may be a continued requirement which will outlast the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has made sanitizing mandatory for all retail outlets in South Africa, instructing traders to provide sanitizer free of charge to their patrons. Many traders have employed an additional person to squirt sanitizer out of a trigger operated bottle, but this is a very expensive option to have a physical person doing the sanitizing.

There are many options in the market for a sanitizing dispenser, however it is important to think about the following:

  • Is it portable and lightweight – can it easily be moved inside when the premises close?
  • Is it affordable as often this is not budgeted for?
  • Will it last and continue to work after hundreds of uses?
  • Can I use it for advertising and change the branding on it?
  • Will it fit with my store image?

If one wishes to buy a Chinese made sanitizing stand then one opts for any one of dozens of electronic devices, most of which incorporate heat sensors. They are marvels of modern science. They cost and arm and a leg, but with rare exception are not really suitable for the harsh conditions of Africa.

What one requires in Africa is a mechanical and not an electronic dispenser. Such a dispenser should look good and yet be functional. Zimstone has sourced a locally made unit which ticks all the boxes. Not only is it the best looking unit but it is functional, lightweight (as it is made out of aluminium) and affordable. Our sanitizing stand is foot operated, and every depression of the foot pedal ejects 1.5ml of hand sanitizing liquid, which is sufficient liquid to protect ones hands from the Covid-19 virus.

What differentiates Zimstone’s product from the huge range of competitive foot operated units is the fact that it is manufactured from Aluminium and not steel. Furthermore, it is the only aluminium unit anywhere in the world, which is price competitive with Steel Units. It is furthermore a 100% green product made from recycleable materials.

It has an aesthetic appeal which no steel unit could hope to match. It is lightweight and hence easily carried indoors at the end of the trading day.

It is also one of a minority of units which accommodates a header board. This enables one to use it either as an instruction board or indeed for advertising purposes.

The unit is supplied with a dispensing bottle with a pump. There is a world shortage of bottle pumps. Consequently whilst one can buy any one of dozens of varieties of stand none of them will function without the pump that allows for both liquid sanitizer and gel sanitizer.

View our Brandable Aluminum Sanitizing Stand

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