Our manufacturing processes source sustainable materials for the production of components from former recycled waste streams and then upcycles them into the finest portable display equipment.

Our hardware profiles are made from recycled aluminum that is specifically batched and extruded to a grade of alloy called T6061 -aircraft grade aluminum. This alloy boasts the highest weight to strength ratio available, and is thus the lightest but strongest portable display equipment on market.

Each of our aluminum profiles are sustainably powder coated to seal the

aluminium and prevent oxidation. It is a greener alternative as this process contains carcinogenic elements such as Antimony Trioxide. All our plastic components are made from recycled plastics – eco black and are in turn recyclable once again.

We have the Lowest Carbon footprint in the industry due to our shortest

shipping route to market and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our print media is produced in South Africa to a standard that can withstand Africa’s high UV index and extreme weather conditions. Our print media production facility has the lowest carbon footprint vs imported alternatives due to our local proximity to market.

Our print media range is profiled to suit eco print techniques like, sublimation, eco solvents and latex inks in addition to traditional print techniques.