Natural Finish vs Powder Coated Aluminium

Subtle Difference, Same Standards

Frame Shape, Diameter, Thickness


A six-sided hexagonal profile has proven to be more stable and durable than conventional square profiles. Hexagonal profiles are impact resistant and do not deform or dent as easily as square frames.

The hexagon is one of the strongest construction shapes known to man and is widely used in Aeronautical Engineering. As seen in nature, this shape is used by bees in the construction of their hives due to its efficient design, strength and lightness.


T6061-Aeronautical grade aluminium adds value to our Gazebo range, by ensuring the maximum strength to lightest weight ratio.

T6061-Aeronautical grade aluminium allows us to extrude larger diameter profiles with optimised wall thickness that allows for the best distribution of load, making it an extremely strong and light framing system.

It’s logical to think that heavier, thicker profile systems built from lower general purpose grade aluminium would be stronger or more durable, but this is not the truth. In the case of our Gazebo design, lightness is relative to strength.

Truss Width, Thickness & Reinforcement

Truss arms or cross members are vital bridging components that keep a gazebo versatile and dynamic by allowing the frame to open and close with minimal contortion.

Fluid movement is required for efficient and safe usage of this system which is why we rely on the strength, durability and lightness of T6061 Aeronautical Grade Aluminium.

Our truss arms have reinforced cavities to provide superior stability laterally and diagonally.

The strength of these arms is enhanced through greater wall thickness on the load bearing plane.

As previously stated, lightness is relative to strength when it comes to our Gazebo range, our truss arms and leg uprights

are great examples of this.