Textile wall coverings is the fasted growing sector in the coated textile market and PBT is positioned to become a significant supplier.

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Printbase Textiles (Pty) Ltd  (PBT) has won the  2022 Pinnacle Award for its digital dye sublimation printable textile wallcovering.

The Pinnacle Award is the textile industry’s equivalent to winning an Oscar or a Grammy. It is the greatest honour that the world’s textile industry can bestow. It draws nominations from textile companies located across the globe. This year, there were 162 competing nominated textiles, which were assessed by a prestigious panel of textile technologists.

PBT has now placed the South African textile industry on the world map. PBT has shown that South Africa is capable of achieving product excellence.

The visual appearance of PBT’s textile wallcovering is outstanding. No wonder it won the award. The colours are bright and the definition unbeatable. Many large format printing companies in South Africa have added this product to their offering obtaining great results. These early pioneers’ belief in the product has now been proved their ability to pick a winner.

Bill Naylor who is the inventor of the PBT wall covering textile says that he is thrilled that  it was the wallcovering that won the award and not one of PBT’s other equally amazing products. The demand for textile wall coverings is expanding at a phenomenal rate internationally. Bill says: “ With this top award under the PBT belt, I envisage world wide interest and expanding orders. Textile wall coverings is the fasted growing sector in the coated textile market and PBT is positioned to become a significant supplier.”

Bill explains, “For a number of years the alternative to wallpapers has been vinyl wall coverings. Conventional wallpaper scratches and tears. Scribbles are almost impossible to remove. A more durable option was to opt for vinyl wall coverings. However the “C“ in PVC stands for Chlorine, which is considered to be highly environmentally unfriendly. This accounts for the move to textile equivalents.”

Printbase Textiles is one of South Africa’s foremost manufacturers of a wide range of coated printable textiles. Bill explains, “PBT has a textile for every type of large format printer, no matter what ink is used and regardless of the bandwidth of the printer”.

Obviously PBT is currently preparing for a raft of enquiries. The product is being showcased at the October 2022 Printing United Exhibition in Las Vegas.


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