Banner wall Curved 4×3

Curved Aluminium Banner wall Frame 2.85m x 2.25m (4 x 3 section) & Carry Bag. The Banner Wall is a Promotional Branding Essential for marketing and Advertising.

Make Double Sided

Webbing applied to opposite side to use as dual facing Bannerwall

Add Bannerwall Wings

Include Bannerwall Wings with your order

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Curved Banner Wall – Aluminium Frame

Banner Wall Frame Only with Bag

  • A Curved Banner wall create a unique sleek shape which add flair to any corporate event, presentation, product launch, demo etc .
  • 2.85m x 2.25m (4×3 section) is a curved banner wall forming a concave rigid curve on which a fabric face is attached. This is the most commonly bought curved banner wall.
  • Frame Material: Aluminium 16mm pipes, 50mm white vecro re-inforced with 50mm white webbing
  • Speedily erected and packed away into a carry bag which makes it highly portable
  • Perimeter is velcro backed with webbing which ensures the fabric face is taut and can be stretched to remove all creases.
  • Zimstone Banner walls can be made double-sided to be seen from two sides.
  • “With wings” option provides a pair of wings, which creates rounded edges and makes the structure identical to the magnetic panel system but at a fraction of the cost.

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Instruction Manual


Artwork Template


Additional information

Weight 9.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 31 × 27 cm

-Deluxe version bannerwall – strong 16mm pipes which is a wider dimension than standard bannerwalls from China that use 12mm pipes and break easily
– Aluminium alloy 60% stronger than standard grade aluminium.
– . Due to the metal connectors (not plastic magnets), the structure is stable and rigid.
– Locally manufactured in SADC
– Repair Service available

– Bannerwall curved frame measuring 2.15m x 2.25 (4×3)
– Carry Bag