Pop-up Deluxe Kit – 2m

Kit to make a 2m pop-open / stowaway


A Pop-Open / Stowaway is used for product advertising for any outdoor event,
– A patented invention from Zimstone where the base becomes the 3rd Pop-Open face
– This is the kit to make a 2m Pop-Open/Stowaway, a printer will need to print and sew the branded face
– Kit consists of 2 x 6mm fibreglass rods that bend to form the stowaway shape
– 2 x steel connectors
– 4 x steel pegs
– 1 x carry bag which becomes the bottom face ensuring it can be positioned where it cannot be pegged (e.g. paving areas)

– The best point of sale advertising you can find which is portable and hassle free.
– Lightweight
– Opens in seconds and can be pegged down or positioned in a place where one cannot use pegs. Simply use a weight such as bricks on the bottom zipped bag