Zimstone is committed to sustainability of the environment. That is why we have placed huge emphasis on ensuring we manufacture green products. When purchasing any one of our products, one can feel good about yourself as you will be assisting to save our fragile planet.

This is not an idle claim, as Zimstone sells the world’s most environmentally friendly portable display and exhibition range. With the exception of a few parts, our entire aluminium and plastic components are manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and 100% recycled plastic.

Not only do the raw materials not end up in a landfill or in the ocean, but less energy is expended in the manufacturing process. The earth’s scarce resources and fossil fuels are thus not expended unnecessarily to manufacture our ranges. Smelting of recycled aluminium only uses 4% of the energy required to manufacture the same product using virgin material. Over six metres of landfill spaced is saved with every ton of plastic that is reused. That about says it all.

Zimstone is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of plastic recycling technology. We use tons of recycled material collected by the trolley brigade in our own injection moulded plastic components, which are technically superior in every respect to components manufactured from virgin material. This is engineering at its very best.

Promotional Branding Equipment for Quality Printing and design

Zimstone would like to be supported in this endeavor and the support comes from buying our products. On the inside of each plastic part, the recycling symbols are shown clearly with the plastic codes, making them highly recyclable themselves as this assists in the plastic sorting process.

Such action hopefully has to spur other Zimstone competitors to emulate our lead in our quest to become a green company. Hopefully together we will create a new way of thinking and preserve our planet for future generations. Buying Zimstone’s range of portable display equipment, the greenest most environmentally friendly range in the world is vital for the earth’s future sustainability.

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