Zimstone (Pty) Ltd has positioned itself as a prominent manufacturer and distributor in Africa specialising in portable display equipment for various applications such as events, commercial advertising, and exhibitions.

Here’s a breakdown of our offerings and services:

Product Range:

    • Bannerwalls (Pop-Ups): Portable display walls used for indoor and outdoor events.
    • Gazebos (Folding Tents): Includes heavy-duty options suitable for various weather conditions.
    • Flag Systems: Offers a variety including Sharkfin, Telescopic, Windcheater, Harp Banner flag systems, Flag Fountain (Cluster Flags).
    • Pop-Opens (Stowaways): Portable displays suitable for quick setup and compact storage.
    • Portable Exhibition Stands: Designed for trade shows and exhibitions, including related furniture.
    • Giant Parasols (Large Umbrellas): Becoming a significant product line for outdoor shading solutions.
Zimstone for quality branding equipment

Trade Clients:

Provides frames and structures to clients who handle their own printing. Zimstone supports with product templates and referrals to printers within their network.


Maintains substantial inventory in Johannesburg and Cape Town to facilitate quick fulfillment of last-minute orders.

Global Reach

Products from Zimstone and Printbase Textiles are not only sold locally but also exported to developed countries, expanding our market presence beyond Africa.

Printbase Textiles: Our sister company based in Cape Town, specializing in digitally printable textiles. This synergy allows Zimstone to integrate hardware (display equipment) with textile expertise, providing comprehensive solutions in the market. www.pbtex.co.za

In summary, Zimstone (Pty) Ltd stands out in the industry by offering a comprehensive range of durable and versatile display solutions, backed by extensive stockholding, customer-focused service, and synergies with a textile manufacturing division. Our approach caters effectively to both trade clients and the general public, ensuring they meet varied demands across different markets.

Still have Questions

Please Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our Premium Branding Equipment.