In September 2020, Zimstone and Scan Display partnered to provide Pink Drive with branded display equipment to get their message out to all communities in South Africa. Zimstone donated the hardware and Scan Display produced all the branded flags, pop-open faces, parasol and gazebo canopies… and what a show it was!

As a non-governmental organization, Pink Drive is geared towards creating and promoting awareness about cancer in South Africa and beyond. It promotes awareness and early detection of, and screening for, gender-related cancers. The Pink Drive mantra is “early detection will help to prolong life”. Hence with their many events and road-shows planned in the upcoming months, a range of portable display equipment was necessary, and Zimstone and Scan Display were able to come to the “pink party” with printed gazebos, parasols, telescopic cluster flags, flag fountains, sharkfin flags, pop-opens and A-frames.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

The quality of the branded prints, as well as the durability and robustness of the display hardware, must be seen in tandem. One cannot exist without the other. The purpose of branding is to create a company image and present how your company should be perceived by your target market. Hence choosing the right partner to print your outdoor display promotional range and selecting the right hardware provider is paramount. A brilliant print on a structure that is not built to last will quickly destroy any brand value a company hopes to build up. Similarly a poor quality print on quality hardware will not achieve the desired marketing outcome and actually negatively impact the company and their image. 

Zimstone manufactures a premium range of portable display equipment hardware as well as gazebos and parasols with deluxe plain coloured canopies. Zimstone does not print, but sells hardware to the trade at unbeatable prices.

Zimstone’s portable display equipment range is built to last and Scan Display is one of the country’s leading large format digital printers in the display equipment market. Both companies have been operating for over 25 years. The Zimstone range of portable display equipment is aesthetically pleasing, engineered to withstand the outdoors, manufactured locally and 100% sustainable, being made from 100% recycled aluminium and plastic. Furthermore, products are repairable and all spare parts are carried in stock. Zimstone offers nationwide free delivery and Scan Display has branches countrywide.

Pink Drive Zimstone provided the Hardware

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